Packaging Products - wooden packaging

Nefab expendable packaging offer includes, plywood boxes, wooden packaging and corrugated boxes. We design complete packaging solutions that fits your needs. 

Expendable Packaging 

Expendable packaging is a one-way solution optimized for the customer's supply chain with a focus on product protection and easy recovery at the final destination.

Expak ExPak XL CratePak-O PalletsCorrugated Boxes

Returnable Packaging

Returnable packaging is designed to be used for multiple transportation cycles. Returnable packaging solutions can be developed in different materials depending on customer requirments

RePak LogPak Pallets Steel productsPlastic products

Long-term Packaging

A long-term packaging solution is designed to protect customers’ products during transportation, storage and handling – for a lifetime. 

PlyPak Flightcases Plastic boxes, cases and totes Aluminium boxes Watertight boxes and cases

Inner packaging

Inner packaging help protect the product from transport and storage damages. The inner packaging surrounds the product and can be designed to protect against many different circumstances. 

Your Packaging Solution

Your Packaging Solution

A complete packaging solution is different for each and every customer but the end result is always the same – an optimized packaging solution that reduces total cost and environmental impact.

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