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Climate friendly improvements in Nefab Estonia

Location: Estonia

As we are preparing for out first Green Day to take place in February, we took a step back to look at the improvements we have already made to help Nefab Estonia be more climate friendly. Here are some we are the proudest of: • Our factory only uses renewable energy from 2021. • Switched to LED lighting on our factory outer territory and use motion sensors on all the storage areas. This change helps us reduce our electricity consumption by approx 10 000 kWh/year. • Switching from gas forklifts to electric forklifts by 2030. As a pilot project, Nefab Estonia has switched 2 gas forklifts to electric ones to evaluate their features and to reduce our CO2 emisions by approx 10 tons/year. • In 2024 solar panels will be installed on the roof of Nefab Estonia production facility. These will cover around 15% of our daily energy consumption and contribute to reduction of C02 emissions by 384 tons/year of the Estonian electricity market.