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Climate Change Performance Index For Thailand

Location: Thailand

Thailand ranks 25th in the current CCPI, up 17 spots and among the countries with a medium level of performance. The country’s performance is mixed, with low ratings in the Climate Policy and Renewable Energy categories, but a high in GHG Emissions and Energy Use. In August 2023, Thailand set up the Department of Climate Change and Environment to tackle climate change’s harmful impacts and fulfil the country’s climate pledges. The country’s nationally determined contribution (NDC), updated in 2022, includes an unconditional target of reducing GHG emissions by 30% by 2030, and a conditional target of 40% below ‘business-as-usual’ levels, which is subject to support from other countries and the UNFCCC. Thailand is targeting 2065 for net zero. The CCPI country experts feel this target requires more ambition.