Competence development

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Competence development workshops

The concept Complete Packaging Solutions is under constant development. Accordingly, a decisive element in Nefab's operations is to develop the skills of its personnel.

Under the direction of Customer Solutions, a special competence organization has been created for this purpose. The organization's competence teams are structured in six pieces, Products, Services, Sales and Consulting, Sourcing, Finance and General Courses.

The competence teams are staffed with the most competent employees in the organization, and are normally supervised by a product manager or other expert within the respective area. Each competence team is responsible for creating a web-based course within its respective area.

The competence development program is directed primarily to that part of the organization which, in meetings with the customer, can solve the customer's problems and thereby increase customer value, that is, salespersons, consultants, and technical sales support.

It is vital to disseminate new knowledge, so that all parts of the orgnization can provide customers with complete packaging solutions that represent best practice. To further consolidate best practice, Nefab has established Packaging Development Centers (PDC's). PDC's work primarily on the design of packaging solutions. Nefab's PDC's are located in Sweden and Portugal. In addition, TSS (Technical Sales Support - packaging designers) locations in 12 countries worldwide.

Nefab Web Academy

Expert teams in Nefab develop a continuously growing number of essential courses monitored through Nefab Web Academy, a flexible tool for individually designed competence development programs.

At the end of 2012, 41 courses were available to chose between in the cost-efficient structure known as Nefab Web Academy.

Employees are allowed, at individually chosen times, to take the courses in accordance with their personal study plan. All senior executives are urged to take all courses at the basic level.

To date, more than 11,000 Diplomas have been issued.

In house training

Product Training Seminars and Sales Training Seminar s are an important part of the competence development programs for key personnel.