Global Trainee Program

Developing the next generation of leaders is vital for our continuous growth. Since its inception in 1997, Nefab's Global Trainee Program has given recent graduates the possibility to build and accelerate their careers in a truly international environment.

We offer people with the right skills and attitude an excellent opportunity to build a world-wide network, gain extensive knowledge about our logistics and packaging solutions and develop leadership skills during the 10-month program. The next program starts during the fall 2021. 

We are on a growth journey – do you want to be a part of it?

The Global Trainee program is designed to give your career within the Nefab Group a kick-start and enable you to quickly contribute to our goals and success. During the 10-month program, you will get a thorough introduction to the Nefab Group through a mix of theory and practice.

As a Global Trainee at Nefab, you will be involved in challenging projects, work close to our top management and gain knowledge about Nefab’s logistics and packaging solutions. You will also conduct a 3-month international assignment at one of Nefab’s key locations.

Throughout the program, you will be supported by one of our experienced mentors, your direct manager and of course, a network of other trainees.

Common requirements for all positions are:

  • Fluency in English, additional language skills are meriting
  • Recent university graduates with minimum bachelor’s degree in relevant area
  • Great attitude, flexibility and mobility – key factors in order to succeed in Nefab

After the program, participants will be offered a qualified position within the Nefab Group. Trainees have typically moved on to serve in key positions and roles within the company, such as Key Account Management, Business Development, Sourcing, Quality, IT, and other management functions.


Nefab’s Global Trainee Program is certified by the Swedish organization We offer market-based compensation and full-time employment to all trainees, regardless of location or function.


Program Description

The program runs over 10 months and consist of four main modules.

Module 1

The entire trainee group will spend the first months at Nefab’s HQ in Sweden. You will be introduced to the company, learn about its history and get to know our top management and other key people at Nefab. Further, you will learn about our products and solutions through various trainings. You will also be challenged in various projects.

Module 2

After a couple months at Nefab HQ in Sweden, you will return to your home company and get a broad introduction to the local company and its different functions and business areas. 

Module 3

The international assignment is 3-months at one of Nefab's locations around the world. The intent is to develop your multicultural knowledge and build your global network within Nefab.

Module 4

The final module of the program will prepare you for your coming position within the home company. This entails in-depth training, allowing you to get an excellent start in your new position. Before taking your next step, we will celebrate your graduation and spend one final week together in Sweden.

Application Information

The program offers around 5-10 positions within areas such as Business Development, Supply Chain, Operations and R&D. The application period for the program starting during the fall 2021 will open in December 2020. More information about the positions and locations will be available when the application period opens.

Meet former trainees at Nefab 

Sebastian, Global Key Account Manager, Sweden

Sebastian Wachauf-Tautermann graduated from Nefab’s Global Trainee Program in 2016. Today he is working as Global Key Account Manager, based at our HQ in Jönköping, but travels all around the world providing value to one of our main automotive customers.

Fernanda, Global Quality System Coordinator, Sweden

Fernanda Machuca works as a Global Quality System Coordinator and ensures Nefab offers same high-quality in all of our locations across the world. She graduated from Nefab’s Global Trainee Program in 2017 and is currently based at our HQ in Jönköping.

Mitesh, Sub-Region Manager for Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom

Nefab’s Global Trainee Program started in 1997 and Mitesh Chotai was one of the first trainees. More than 20 years later, he is still with Nefab, working as Managing Director and Chairman for Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Anders, Executive Vice President Telecom, United States

In 2002 Anders Mörk joined Nefab through the Global Trainee Program. After many years working for Nefab in Asia, Anders is now globally responsible for the Telecom segment.