Nefab's strategy is the basis for the Nefab Group's operations and its aim is to ensure further development of the Group and its subsidiaries.

Target group

Nefab targets multinational companies that manufacture high-value, transport-sensitive or theft-prone products that require engineered, complete packaging solutions.

Competetive Advantage

We use our packaging know-how and our logistics footprint to identify and deliver supply chain improvements with consistent Quality & Corporate Social Responsibility, world-wide.


The ability to offer the market's best solutions requires developed relations with a broad supplier base. In its selection of suppliers, Nefab shall prioritize those companies that, similar to Nefab, seek a long-term partnership with focus on sustainable solutions. 

Global presence

To offer Nefab's global customers local service, Nefab has operations across the world's most important industrial regions. 


Efforts focus on minimizing the environmental impact of packaging during its use, and to increase reusability.

Employees and organization

Nefab is a knowledge based company. The position as a market leader is to be maintained through continuous focus on development of employee expertise. Development possibilities shall be so attractive that existing employees remain within the organization and that qualified employees are attracted. 

To meet customer expectations, the organization shall be characterized by a proactive approach and speed. The exchange of experience within the organization is stimulated through forming global networks. The fundamental values and ethical rules that comprise Nefab's cultural base shall be the guiding principles for how employees are expected to act. This common spirit and culture shall contribute to strengthening the unity of Nefab's various units.