Packaging for the Tobacco Industry

Nefab Cutfiller Bins are made with the strongest construction possible, stainless or electrogalvanized steel and high quality birch plywood. Because of a special film, which is hot pressed into the plywood, there is no condensation build up and no static electricity, therefor no dust accumulation.

The non-contaminating film makes our bins resistant to the adherence of tobacco and stems. The film also makes the surface of the plywood totally shiny, flat and clean, which provides superior release characteristics. The steel guarantee maximum protection against conveyor belt wear and rough clamp truck and fork- lift handling. Because of the tough, very robust and flexible material there is no need for repairs, if handled normal.

The life span on our bins is 15 - 20 years and more. The plywood makes our bins very light and the special design render possible for the bins to be stacked 4 to 6 units high. 

Two of our current models are the ridgid, non-foldable NCC model and
the foldable FCB model. There are no limitations in design and the bins are adaptable for all types of filling and tipping systems and can be customized as needed. We also offer a wide range
of different features, such as pallet bases, wheels, runners and more. 

Small chips carrying data such as batch, date and type of cutfiller can be fixed to the bin to recognize the bin's location in the storage system.