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Project Packaging Services

Nefab is a leading provider of packaging solutions and logistics services for companies all over the world. Covering 30 markets worldwide, with 50 locations, including ISTA Certified Test Labs and Port Facilities in Los Angeles and Hamburg. In this Insight, we want to share some more information about our Port Facilities, and the Project Packaging Services that we offer in Hamburg and Los Angeles.

Port Facilities

Millions of products are shipped around the globe every day. An efficient supply chain will result in secure and effective packaging solutions to avoid higher transportation costs.
Our Port Facility locations offer complete packaging solutions for your products. As a complete packaging solutions provider, we have several types of outer packaging alternatives, such as skids, boxes, and crates. Outer packaging is combined with carefully selected inner packaging available to protect against shock and extreme temperatures during transportation.

Los Angeles
Nefab 's Los Angeles facility is in close proximity to the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports. The facility has single lift capacities of 100,000 pounds and three 20,000-35,000 pound forklifts, as well as several small lifts.

Nefab's Hamburg facility is located in the Port of Hamburg. The facility operates various heavy fork lifts and reach stackers and offers lifting capacities of 45 tons. The site has road and rail connection.

Protecting Your Products

We are also fully compliant with ISPM-15 and come prepared with the proper IMDG and IATA...

Our Capabilities
Our goal is to serve all your export needs in the most effective way possible at our port facilities, and we have all the equipment necessary to do just that. With an internal lifting capacity of up to 45 tons, we can handle almost all your heavy duty and vehicle loading projects. In addition, Nefab is also a provider of packaging supplies to protect your products during transport. Our different materials and engineered packaging solutions are specifically designed for your needs and can handle maritime, air, or domestic transportation of goods.

Export Packaging
You will not have to worry about anything during the export process. All our packaging complies with ASTM/HPE standards and is accompanied by a complete list to expedite the handling and unloading times at the destination. We are also fully compliant with ISPM-15 and come prepared with the proper IMDG and IATA declarations.

Cargo Consolidation
Cargo consolidation is at the heart of what we do at the Nefab Port Facilities in Los Angeles and Hamburg. Among other things, we offer:
• Material Receipts
• Digital Photographs
• Quality Checks
• Inventory Control
• Packing List
• Outdoor and Indoor Storage Facilities

Our goal is to make cargo consolidation easier for you. To that end, our expertise allows us to provide you with the best of both worlds by facilitating an efficient combination of cargo and the packaging needed. This process is a fool proof way of ensuring fast and logical unpackaging at the destination.

Our containerization covers a multitude of needs including:
• In box containers in different sizes (20'/40'/45'/53')
• Open top containers
• Flat racks
• Load securing (per CTU regulations)
• Weighing services (SOLAS, VGM)

Packaging Design and Engineering

Our custom packaging solutions are designed to safely and securely transport your products in a timely and efficient manner, at the lowest cost possible. We serve a wide range of industries, including energy, oil and gas, aerospace, healthcare, telecommunications, and vehicles.
Nefab will design a personalized industrial packaging solution based on your specific requirements and needs. To achieve this, we use a state-of-the-art 3D software to create a unique custom packaging design. Our engineers will find the best materials to protect your cargo during transport, by using things such as protective cushioning to ensure maximum protection.

Benefits of Custom Designed Packaging
• Performance: using the wrong size crate can be disastrous during transportation and can damage your merchandise. Damage risk is significantly higher when the products are not secured properly.
• Savings: our custom designed packages will help you cut down on logistics expenses, as we consider all aspects of transportation in the design process.
• Image: a product well packaged will reflect well on you, as a supplier.
• Collapsibility: the majority of Nefab's export and returnable packaging is designed to be tool-free and collapsible, for easy storing and transportation – saving you invaluable time and money.

Packaging Products

Our wide range of packaging products are optimized to reduce our customers' total costs while minimizing their environmental impact. We offer three types of packaging.

Expendable Packaging
Nefab manufactures its own custom-designed crates, boxes, corrugated, and pallets or skids of any and all sizes to fit your transportation needs. Below are a few of many options for packaging your goods:
• Custom Crates
• Custom Corrugated
• ExPak
• ExPak XL
• Heavy Duty
• Wood Crates
• CreatePak O

Returnable Packaging
being conscious about how our products affect the environment is one of our most important goals here at Nefab. In many cases, the packaging applications can benefit from a reusable solution. We use wood, metal, laminate, or plastic to build our packaging materials.
Our engineers use a software called RECO during the design process. When filled with the correct data, it can help us formulate optimal packaging solutions for your specific needs – for example, the number of reusable wood crates needed for different cycles of your logistics flow.
Nefab returnable packaging includes:
• RePak
• LogPak
• Steel

Additional Packaging
as part of our Complete Packaging Solutions, Nefab can also source and supply inner packaging and accessory products to be used with the outer packaging for additional protection. You can benefit from the following additional packaging services we have available:
• Corrosion protection
• Cushioning
• Blocking and void filling
• Electro Static Discharge (ESD) products

Packaging Services

Nefab also offers different packaging solutions, depending on the distance involved in transporting your products. In-house Packing can be used when short distance transportation doesn't present a risk to the products we package. In this case, many of our customers prefer if their cargo is packaged by our excellent staff, in-house. On-site Packaging is generally used when the products are too large or fragile to be transported to our facility for packaging.

Visit our page about Packaging Services for additional information. 

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