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Protecting Your Shipments with Secure Packaging

If you are a company that manufactures consumer electronics, apparel, food, or any other valuable items, you most probably already aware of the risk of cargo theft. Cargo theft has now become a worldwide issue that has a significant effect on individual economies. In this post, we will explain how our solutions help prevent it from happening to you.

Cargo theft has now become a worldwide issue

According to the Cargo Crime Monitor Report of April 2018 by the TAPA EMEA’s Vigilant e-magazine, the United Kingdom has seen 114 incidents of cargo-related crimes in just one month. Other countries like Belgium, Kenya, France, Germany and Russia have also faced cargo theft incidents that led to huge losses. Here are a few statistics on Cargo Thefts.

Recorded Cargo Crimes Q1, 2018 in EMEA as reported to the TAPA's IIS

  1. In Q1/2018, 23 countries all over the world reported incidents of cargo theft.
  2. 620 cargo crimes were reported to TAPA’s IIS in EMEA.
  3. Total loss for all cargo crimes in Q1, 2018 was €26,511,436
  4. 70.5% of cargo theft incidents involved theft from vehicle.
  5. Total value of losses between €50,000-€100,000 amounted to €4.6m.
  6. The number of cargo loss incidents worth over €100,000 was 49.


Incidents of cargo related crimes have been reported from virtually all locations that products may touch along their path, spanning e.g.  unsecured parking, various points en route, destination facilities and even secured parking. Different kinds of theft incidents   have been reported, including theft from vehicles, trailers and even hijacking and robbery. If such incidents continue it will have severe impact on the global shipping landscape, and it will result in huge setbacks to individual companies.  

Worried About Cargo Theft? Handle it Effectively With Nefab Packaging Solutions!

There are many effective measures that you can take while trying to prevent your company from being a victim of cargo theft, but one of the easiest and best ways is by simply using secure and robust packaging solutions.

Nefab is a global industrial packaging manufacturer who can help you improve the security of your goods, while it is being transported from one place to another. We help manufacturers and transport companies improve their supply chains and build a strong trust factor, around the globe.

Lightweight, Secure Transportation Solutions by Nefab

Another important concern with many of customers shipping small, valuable devices – especially electronics – is the packaging’s weight. In an industry dominated by air transport, reducing each packages weight can be pivotal when it comes to total cost of logistics. At Nefab, we don’t sacrifice weight for security or vice versa; we realize that both elements are equally important and must be accounted for in these cases. A great example of this lies in Nefab’s own Lightweight Pallet.

These pallets provide flexible solutions in terms of both size and performance, all while maintaining compliance with ISPM #15’s phytosanitary measures. The pallets are optimized for your solution, lightweight, and have better product protection features than a standard pallet.

What are some of the benefits and features of Nefab’s Lightweight Pallet?

1. A unique, patented solution that reduces material usage and is stronger than standard pallets.
2. A robust hybrid of plywood (the base material) and steel (hollow cans to reinforce the base) that can be readily customized with extra features, such as steel corners for added support.
3. Can be fitted with multiple solutions, such as a corrugated sleeve to provide extra light weight, or a lightweight plywood/steel hybrid solution for higher product protection.

Use the Locking Solutions Provided by Nefab And Get Complete Peace of Mind

Nefab has several types of locking devices to secure your packaging. We offer security seals, reusable tongues and many other comparable security devices to keep your products safe and offer you peace of mind. 

How Can Nefab help?

Thousands of high-value consumer goods are being shipped every day. A secure and efficient packaging service is a must for an optimized and safe supply chain – otherwise, one may find oneself faced with the consequences of cargo theft or loss of goods.

Nefab provides secure packaging solutions to various industries.  We have clients worldwide in sectors like Healthcare, Energy, Vehicles, Telecom, and Mobile Devices.  The secure packaging solutions can be categorized into three-tiers:

Our team focuses on providing an all in one security packaging solutions, which not only minimizes the cost of packaging, but also offers minimal environmental impact and many other benefits. Our solutions for air freight and for light transportation, are fully customizable according to your needs – and most importantly, are fully secure to your specifications. For a long term successful partnership with your customers, the safety and security of your products should be seen as a profit center, rather than a cost center.