Expendable Packaging

A light weight, collapsible packaging system, designed to withstand the toughest transport conditions. Nefab ExPak is a collapsible export packaging system made of plywood and steel which offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization.

Nefab packaging solutions for exports packaging and domestic packaging - plywood boxes and crates, corrugated single/double/triple wall boxes, pallets made out of plastic, plywood.

Nefab has facilities to test the design to ensure the packaging will protect its contents throughout its journey to the end customer.

Nefab offers a wide range of plywood boxes, corrugated boxes and pallets – ranging from smaller to larger solutions all foldable for ease of storage.


    Plywood Box

Nefab offers a wide range of plywood boxes and shipping crates – smaller one-unit solutions to larger solutions with up to six separate pieces, all foldable for ease of storage.

NEFAB box is a collapsible export packaging system made of plywood and steel. This combination offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization. NEFAB box has a proven track record worldwide in all industrial applications where valuable and sensitive goods require cost efficient protection and transportation


    Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are widely used in the transport packaging globally. Corrugated boxes are offered in many forms - standard box sizes and styles to customizable and it is one of the packaging materials that can be cut and folded to various shapes and sizes. corrugated boxes are available in single/double/triple wall, based on the need of packaging solution.


    Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are durable and can be used for heavier products. It is also possible to multiple use of them. If a plank breaks one can be easily nailed back on as a replacement.. Wooden pallets can be customised easily and they are available in various designs.


   Light weight Plywood pallet

The Nefab solution - lightweight pallet is an excellent, strong, durable packaging solution and load carrier for heavy goods that need. Lightweight plywood pallet not only reused several times but could also sold as an integrated part of the complete box solution. Plywood is not considered a phytosanitary problem according to international regulations, so, the pallet can be shipped to any destination.