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Plywood Boxes

Nefab offers a wide range of plywood boxes and shipping crates – smaller one-unit solutions to larger solutions with up to six separate pieces, all foldable for ease of storage. Nefab box is a collapsible export packaging system made of plywood and steel. This combination offers superior performance in terms of strength, weight, and volume utilization. Nefab box has a proven track record worldwide in all industrial applications where valuable and sensitive goods require cost efficient protection and transportation The basic material in the products is plywood, preferably made from birch and poplar.



– Easy to assemble, Safe for builders, light-weight material
– Requires less storage space compared to traditional wooden crates, having excellent stacking capabilities
– Galvanized steel profiles ensure strength and durability
– Protect product against difficult transport conditions, long-term storage and climate changes
– Meets international phytosanitary (ISPM 15 Certified) regulations for export compliant wood packaging