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Wooden Boxes

NEFAB can provide Wooden boxes that are made of Pinewood and Spruce wood. The boxes are either nailed (Traditional Boxes/Cases) or No Nails type boxes.

The boxes are custom designed depending on the product being packed and are strong enough to provide adequate product protection. The boxes are made in Pinewood or Spruce wood.

On the other hand Nailless Wooden Box-CratePak-O is made of wood with plastic corners which makes it both strong and easy to work with. The product is shipped flat and no nails are needed to assemble the box. CratePak-O is designed for volumes up to four cubic meters and the pallet can be constructed to handle a maximum weight of several tonnes.

Being quick and easy to assemble and dismantle without a single nail involved, CratePak-O enhances safety, creates a quieter working environment and offers effective packaging for extra-large products. 

CratePak-O can be opened and closed several times without affecting its performance which makes it more time and cost effective compared to traditional wood- and nail crates. 
The end result is an easy-to-use packaging that offers great product protection and a safe and quiet working environment.