Connected Packaging


Track & Trace

Through connected packaging services, we can ensure that there are no blind spots in your supply chain. By adding track & trace functionality to your packaging solutions, you can monitor location and events in real time.

One Platform

We have our own software platform and a portfolio of trackers working across multiple networks, ensuring a global solution to fit your needs. This enables monitoring of your products all around the world based on customized alerts and KPIs. On top of this platform, we build tailor made applications to serve specific customer needs.

For All Devices

Through our smart systems and applications, it is possible to monitor live stock levels, shipments in transit, and be alerted on various conditions incurred, like shock, tampering or late deliveries. The data provided also enables analysis of routes, delivery performance, handling, utilization and lead times. Together with our customers, we continuously explore new ways of connecting packaging solutions for the future.


Björn Christiansson Chief Digital Officer

Smarter Packaging 

To make sure we can fulfill any need, we have a variety of connected devices and sensors working in every part of the world. Our devices can offer, among others, the following functionalities: 


Localization Services

Through our localization services, you have up-to-date information about where your products are, real-time stock levels, how close they are and when they will arrive.

  • Geolocation
  • Proximity
  • Geofencing
  • ETA

Active Sensors

Our active sensors can provide information about shock, detect if a box has been tampered with (via light-sensors), and measure the temperature and humidity of the environment surrounding a product, among other things.

  • Shock
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Humidity


One Platform

New IoT networks like Sigfox, LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT are spreading fast, but there is still no single network that provides global coverage. On the device side, there are new, cheaper and better devices surfacing all the time. We decided it's impossible to pick one network and one device that will cover all your needs, today and tomorrow, so we created a platform that can read any device from any network.

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