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Customer Focused Approach

At Nefab,  innovative ideas and new ways of thinking spring forth naturally from our work with our customers. In an ever-changing world where new materials emerge, industries expand and customer needs shift, our solutions constantly evolve. Our packaging solutions are developed in-house and in close collaboration with customers, ensuring that our team, including 200 engineers worldwide, stays as agile as the world around us.

Sustainable Solutions

Our Research & Development focus aligns with Nefab’s  goal of supplying the market with strong and sustainable fiber based packaging solutions for a variety of applications. On our website, you can explore how we create the best packaging solution for your product – no matter the application.

Our Research & Development is geared towards strengthening our position as the preferred global partner for sustainable packaging solutions and logistics optimization – lowering both your carbon footprint and your total cost.

"We create the best packaging solution for your product - no matter the application, industry or destination!"

Andreas Pihl EVP, Technology and Portfolio

Our Test Labs

Global Engineering Network

Our global network of engineers is ready to transform ideas into new solutions all over the world, no matter the location of your products or where they are being shipped. We can design solutions in all types of materials, and we have five ISTA Certified labs to quickly go from prototype to testing and validation. 

Solution Centric Process

Through this approach, we create optimized packaging solutions for our customers, while keeping a steady focus on Research & Development to continue finding sustainable materials to work with in the future to further minimize our impact of the world we live in. 

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