Once solutions have been designed, we can efficiently produce prototypes and samples using machinery and tools that are specifically designed for prototype production.

Multi-Material Capabilties

We have the capabilities to offer a wide range of multi-material prototyping, such as foam, steel, wood, plywood, corrugated, or a combination of materials.

Quick Design to Prototype Phase

In close interaction with customers, we can quickly go from the design phase to prototyping, and prepare for testing in one of our ISTA certified test labs. When customers provide us their products, the cycle of prototyping, testing and finalization of design becomes a smooth and swift process.


Santanu Ganguly EVP, Operations

Applying 3D Printing in Design

The advent of 3D printing has brought with it a number of innovations that have opened the door to new possibilities and new levels of efficiency in a wide spread of industries. In the realm of packaging, we can use this newly developed capability to help us in the prototyping phase of the design process. We can use 3D printing to gain a greater understanding of the fit and function for designs that are highly complex or have many interconnected pieces, giving us greater leverage for providing the best solutions possible.

Prototyping for All Types of Applications

No matter the product or application, we are equipped to help you prototype and verify your packaging solutions. With multi-material knowledge and a vast range of experience in industrial packaging applications and dangerous goods packaging, we are ready to help you all over the world. 

With our engineering know-how and five ISTA certified labs, we ensure that you get the best possible solution for your product and situation.


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