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With lithium ion batteries on the rise as an important technological innovation in the world of energy, their prevalence has increased dramatically in the industrial sector in the past few years. Due their high flammability, they have been categorized by the United Nations as a dangerous good, falling under Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods. This inherently makes shipping them a more complicated matter, considering the many rules and regulations you will need to take into account.

Nefab has experience providing packaging for both lithium ion batteries and dangerous goods in general, with hundreds of UN certificates authorizing our boxes for the transportation of dangerous goods. At Nefab, we have the engineering capability to provide packaging solutions that have been already been approved for lithium ion battery transport, as well as to design new packaging that can be put through a type approval test. No matter the logistical challenges you face, we are dedicated to providing solutions that reduce your total cost and environmental impact.

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Regardless of what logistics flow your batteries are being shipped in, Nefab's complete packaging solutions can help simplify complex distribution processes.

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In repeated flows and bulk quantities, it is important to make certain your packaging is consistently protecting your batteries while remaining compliant with regulations.

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