Safe transportation of damaged batteries

By themselves, lithium ion batteries have several requirements when taking transportation into consideration due to their potentially dangerous nature; when shipping damaged batteries, the challenges can increase exponentially. As with other dangerous goods, several factors must be taken into account in order to protect the people, animals, property and environment which surround the battery and its packaging. 

At Nefab, we have experience with the many rules and regulations that govern damaged batteries and can assist with providing complete packaging solutions that comply with them. No matter where your damaged battery is within your supply chain, we are prepared to take the steps to ensure that it arrives safely and securely at its intended destination.


One of our customers within the lithium ion battery market was having issues with shipping damaged batteries for forklift trucks from their end users to their service sites in a safe way that complied with the regulations put in place. The key requirements in this case were securing the batteries in place and containing its potential hazards within the box. While there were many other requirements similar to other types of dangerous goods in this case, it should also be noted that damaged batteries add very tough, unique requirements to fire safety during transport.


Nefab supplied a sophisticated steel container with a built in fire suppression system, liquid spill tray and fixation points. The inner packaging is made from steel and Kevlar aramid. The intricate internal design allows pressure release without any flame penetration. Even if the battery were to ignite in the box, the temperature on the surface will stay at an acceptable level. 

The box is Dangerous Goods Packing Group I certified, with the possibility to load 1,400 kg.


This steel container allows for safe, secure transportation of damaged batteries, despite the great danger that they can pose during transportation. The container is optimized to extinguish internal fires that may occur, as well as seal off any other harmful effects that damaged batteries can have on its surroundings, protecting the people and equipment handling it in addition to the environment. The solution is incredibly sturdy and durable, allowing it to be reused several times.


Watch our video or download our Dangerous Goods brochure to find out how we can help reduce your cost with the right packaging solution.

Nefab Dangerous goods brochure