reliable solutions for repeated flows

Repeated flows and bulk shipments can pose interesting challenges within any company's logistic cycles, as one must make sure that their products are organized and accounted for within a complex supply chain. Nefab can help with complete packaging solutions that can be tailored to best fit your product. When examining your situation, we will take into consideration several options, such as one-way versus returnable packaging, as well as various services, which can identify and reduce tied-up capital and increase efficiency. Some types of services that Nefab offers include warehouse management, packing services, and returnable management, which serve to supplement the physical packaging itself in order to simplify your logistical flows.


One of our customers, a battery producer, was having issues managing two different flows of battery packs. One was the regular flow of battery packs to their car assembly sites and the other was the distribution of spare battery packs to end user's garages in multiple regions of the world. Due to these two flows being vastly different from one another, our customer faced many challenges with maintaining a lean supply chain. To reduce complexity on their end, it was preferred that the new packaging solution could be used for both flows. 


Nefab chose the RePak TC, a returnable packaging solution, for this application. This solution is a strong, lightweight plywood box that is suitable for bulky or heavy shipments. A huge advantage of the RePak TC is that it is collapsible within the pallet dimensions, significantly reducing space required and costs in return freight. Inner fittings were added on the lid and base to secure the battery in position.

The box is Packing Group I certified, with gross weight 411 kg.


This adaptable solution is one that is suitable for various destination and logistics flows. It manages to effectively fit both flows' needs; on one hand, it is a strong, durable box which can handle heavy and bulky loads, allowing it to be used for the regular bulk shipments of battery packs to assembly sites. On the other, it is a lightweight solution that can be used for the individual distribution to end users. The RePak TC is reusable and returnable, allowing it to be highly cost effective while reducing product waste. It is also collapsible, allowing for low return freight costs, and its intuitive construction allows for easy packing and unpacking of batteries. 


Watch our video or read our Dangerous Goods brochure to find out how we can help reduce your cost and environmental impact with RePak solutions.

Nefab Dangerous goods brochure

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