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optimized packaging solutions for your distribution process

Distribution to end users in itself can be complex, depending on where you are manufacturing and where your customers are located. When you add lithium ion batteries into the mix, it becomes even more difficult with the additional rules and regulations that you need to adhere to. When you choose a type of packaging and the mode of transportation as well, between train, boat, air and truck, the challenge comes with finding the right way to combine all these elements.

At Nefab, we have helped multiple customers finding the right distribution solutions for their lithium ion batteries, regardless of location. Thanks to our presence in over 30 countries across the world, we have the ability to provide you with complete packaging solutions wherever you are. We have experience with the different modes of transportation and the characteristics of each, allowing us to optimize a packaging that best suits your situation.


One of our customers was having problems with organizing the shipment and return of lithium ion batteries to various distribution points on a global level. The batteries being shipped out were meant to replace old ones, and some of these replaced batteries would be returned to the original equipment manufacturer for recycling and/or second life. The main requirements from the customer were to provide them with safe distribution of their replacement batteries, but it was also important to be able to switch the old battery with the replacement and send it back in the same box.


For this situation, the solution was an ExPak P plywood box with honeycomb corrugated inner fitments. The battery itself is packed in a volatile corrosion inhibiting bag with Vermiculite, in order to capture any potential leakage of electrolyte. A wooden profile was added to lid lengthwise in order to align the cases when stacked in storage and transport.

The box is Dangerous Goods certified in Packing Group II with a gross weight of 171 kilograms.


The ExPak P provides excellent battery protection due to the combination of a strong plywood frame and its unique construction. It is also easy to assemble and pack, due to its intuitive design. The box comes in three pieces (lid, frame and bottom), so it can be flattened, saving space and costs during shipping. Because of its durability, it can be used to safely ship out batteries and take them back, meeting the main requirements of the customer.


Watch our video or download our Dangerous Goods brochure to find out how we can help you reduce your cost with an ExPak solution.

Nefab Dangerous goods brochure