Safe Transport for Solar  Vehicle and battery pack

At Nefab, we have taken it upon ourselves to invest in the future in many ways. This can mean many things, from research and development to drive innovation to searching for ways to provide highly sustainable solutions. Another important way to us to do so is by supporting the education of talented university students - the future industry leaders.

For years, Nefab's head office in Sweden has partnered with Jönköping University in order to reach out and affect our community in meaningful ways. The latest cooperation between us is the sponsorship of the Jönköping University Solar Team in a race that they competed in during October of 2017.


Jönköping University sent a team to Australia to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, which is the world's largest solar-powered car race. The race was established in 1987, and since 2001, it has taken place every other year. This year, teams from all over the world will drive across 3022 kilometers of road from Darwin to Adelaide, essentially covering the entire vertical length of Australia.

There are three different classes in the race: challenger class, cruiser class and adventure class. The challenger class is the most advanced, with aerodynamic master pieces - this is where the Jönköping University Solar Team competed.

The team needed packaging to transport their solar car and its battery pack safely to Australia, and reached out to Nefab for help.


Nefab chose to sponsor the team with the ExPak XL. The ExPak XL is an expendable plywood solution that is suitable for transporting large objects of up to 20 cubic meters! Despite its often large size, the ExPak XL is very easy to set up, due a clever steel clamping system and the fact that each side of the box serves as a separate piece.

We provided a solution for the car itself, one for the battery pack, and one for the remaining necessaries. The solution for the battery pack is dangerous goods certified in Class 9.

If you are interested to learn more, watch our video to find out how we can help increase efficiency and safety with ExPak XL solutions.


Since this is a special project, the primary purpose of the boxes is to provide the safe and secure transportation of each item across a huge distance – all the way from Sweden to Australia! The boxes proved easy for the team to assemble and disassemble, and the box carrying the battery pack is certified to safely carry dangerous goods.

We have been honored to assist the Jönköping University Solar Team in all their endeavors for this race and were pleased to hear they finished in 8th place – the highest ever for Sweden! Congratulations to the JU Solar Team and everyone involved! To learn more about the team and the race itself, please visit their website