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All news from 2013


Case Industry Segment: Solution for drill bits

The Nefab ExPak has a proven track-record of securing and protecting drill-bits and similar machinery components to customers in Russia.


Case Energy Segment: Solution for medium voltage panels

Nefab has delivered a successful packaging solution for a customer located in Brazil and active within in the energy segment.


Bienvenidos to the new plant of Nefab Mexico

Until July there were two Nefab plants in Mexico, one in the North of the city and one in the South. Now the two plants of Nefab Mexico have been merged together into one plant in a new facility. 


Nefab Optimizing Services

Nefab´s optimization services are developed to bring the best possible value to our customers - reduced total cost of logistics.


Case Industry Segment: Super heavy duty packaging

A producer of tunnel drilling equipment contacted Nefab - they wanted help to solve the problem of shipping a total of 2950 tons from South China to New Zealand. The largest product had a weight of 268 tons. 


Nefab in Russia

To have a reliable partner is a critical success factor in Russia.


A solution for quick and safe assembly: the CratePak-O

With our all new CratePak-O we have made assembly and dismantling more efficient than ever before. CratePak-O is designed for volumes up to 4m3 and the pallet can be customized to carry weights of several tons if needed.


Case Aerospace Segment: Improving business

The customer, an airline company, is responsible for service and maintenance of their own fleet as well as the fleets of other airlines – a business where the demand for the fast and secure delivery of packages is a top priority in the workflow. 


A single solution for large products: the ExPak XL

Our all-new Nefab ExPak XL (patent pending) is designed for volumes of up to 20 cubic meters. Quick and easy to assemble or dismantle without a single nail involved, it enhances safety, creates a quieter working environment and offers effective packaging of extra-large products.


Launch of the Nefab GreenCALC

Nefab works to be a leading Green industrial packaging partner, decreasing the environmental impact of the production phase, as well as the transport and the waste disposal.