Published 2013.08.06

A solution for quick and safe assembly: the CratePak-O

With our all new CratePak-O we have made assembly and dismantling more efficient than ever before. CratePak-O is designed for volumes up to 4m3 and the pallet can be customized to carry weights of several tons if needed.

Quick and easy to assemble or dismantle without a single nail involved, it enhances safety, creates a quieter working environment and offers effective packaging. CratePak-O can be opened and closed several times without affecting its performance which makes it more time and cost efficient compared to traditional wood- and -nail crates.

The end result is an easy-to use packaging that offers great product protection and a safe and quiet work environment.

Three Reasons to choose Nefab CratePak- O:

1. The packaging is easy to assemble by using a concept with plastic corners.
The plastic corners are fastened to the pallet. To assemble the packaging, the four sides are just simply slid into place.
2. Quick and safe assembly without using any nails
Packages are delivered flat and can be assembled quickly and easily without the use of nails.
3. CratPak- O can be opened and closed several times without affecting the performance of the packaging.

It is compact when collapsed for storage and takes up very little space. This packaging can be used with most types of pallets, making it very flexible and easy to handle. Nefab has tested the concept's resistance to compression, vibrations, impacts and falls in its own packaging lab with impressive results.