Published 2013.11.21

Case Energy Segment: Solution for medium voltage panels

Nefab has delivered a successful packaging solution for a customer located in Brazil and active within in the energy segment.

After the first successful on site packaging for the customer in Brazil the products are now placed in the harbor in Brazil, ready to be transported to the customer in perfect condition. The project now serves as a valuable experience for future projects together with the customer.

Nefab already has an established connection with the customer, who is in the energy segment, but have now expanded their operations in Brazil. The customer, who is a producer of medium voltage panels, wanted fast delivery and a safe solution which allowed for sending several medium voltage panels directly after approval from their end customer.

Previously these medium voltage panels have been sent from Brazil to global customers on ships packaged one by one. For the first time, in the Brazil location, the medium voltage panels have now been packed already assembled, in sets of five and six panels per package. Sending one panel at a time is not very complicated but sending six mounted medium voltage panels requires a more flexible and durable solution. The pallet and the solution must be strong and secure proper handling of the large and quite heavy medium voltage panels, the weight is approximately 1 000 kg per panel.

The product is sensitive to scratches, corrosion and pressure. The package must also sustain and manage great stress as it will go through an extensive transport in demanding weather conditions.

The solution consists of a wooden pallet covered with a foam film and an aluminum film, on which the panels are placed in a standing position. The panels are then covered with a foam film and by an aluminum film where the air is vacuumed out and then it is welded shut. Inside the panels VCI emitters and desiccants are placed to help against corrosion. The inner packaging is designed to protect the panels from humidity, water, dirt, dust and corrosion during the long trip and storage time. The pallet is made strong enough to be able to carry the load of the panels during transport, including loading onto the ship. The outside package is made out of plywood and wood, which is fitted with metal protection along the top of the sides to protect the plywood from the external force of the chains and lines used for lifting the package onto the ship or trucks.

In total three panel systems divided in six boxes were packed. The boxes were on average 4,5 * 2 * 3 Meters and the gross weight was 5,000 kg in one box (5 cubes) and 6,000 kg for each of the other 5 boxes (6 cubes per box).

The first set of panels were packed in August. It took two full working days and six Nefab employees to pack and secure the boxes. It was the first time in Brazil, for both the Nefab team and the customer, to pack and ship several pre-assembled panels, in one package. Assisting in the project was a production manager with experience from similar packaging at other locations. The final result fulfilled the customer's need of a high quality solution within a very short time frame.

The panels are currently at the harbor in Brazil ready to be shipped as soon as they have been cleared for export. Once the products leave the Brazilian harbor they will endure six hard weeks on a ship to Singapore, before they reach their final destination elsewhere in Asia.