Published 2013.04.15

Launch of the Nefab GreenCALC

Nefab works to be a leading Green industrial packaging partner, decreasing the environmental impact of the production phase, as well as the transport and the waste disposal.

This year Nefab launched a new Environmental Impact Calculator, the GreenCALC, designed to optimize Green efficiency in all phases of industrial packaging: production, transport and waste disposal.

In development since 2010, the GreenCALC is a software tool that allows Nefab's engineers to measure the environmental impact of any packaging solution. It analyzes and models a complete logistical flow of production, transport and waste for its eco-conscious partners according to several impact categories. Nefab's partners can then add these data to their own analysis and make the most informed choices.

Additionally, the GreenCALC analyses highlight areas of improvement from the standpoint of a cost to eco-benefit ratio. These can be made in the production or transport phase by optimizing logistics and design.

CO₂eq decreased by 2732 metric tons

Read below one example of calculation for a Vehicle OEM case Study.

Initiative 1: Quantify

Inbound flow to a vehicle OEM: Comparison between one way corrugated boxes with Nefab Returnable solution

The Case:
- 22 300 tons of wires & cables per year
- Transport by truck: 2000 km

Total savings:
- CO₂eq decreased by 2732 metric tons
- Waste reduction of 1 500 metric tons
- 4 200 trees saved
- Water saved > 2700 m3