Published 2013.11.21

Nefab optimizing services

Nefab´s optimization services are developed to bring the best possible value to our customers - reduced total cost of logistics.

With our services we can evaluate the optimal solution for our customer and their specific needs. To evaluate solutions we combine our multi-material knowledge and specialized software to determine the best possible solution.

Today Nefab offers the following optimization services:

Pack Audit
The Pack Audit is a cost reduction program in packaging and logistics that analyzes all factors that impact the total cost of logistics. During the Pack Audit Nefab looks at all the different components and procedures in the customer's packaging and logistics process to evaluate and identify opportunities to reduce total cost of logistics. The estimated potential savings is identified in the Cost Take Out process (CTO). The Pack Audit is made in collaboration with the customer and the project managers and project engineers from Nefab. The Pack Audit is a proven process that involves a Pre Audit Meeting, Pack Audit workshops, followed by reengineering and a CTO analysis.
- The Pre Audit is an initial assessment of the potential cost savings
- The workshops aim to gather information needed to identify and quantify Cost Take Out opportunities
- During the reengineering and CTO analyses, our engineers make sure to design and optimize solutions in terms of product protection and total cost. They calculate the Cost Take Out using several different design and optimization tools.
The realization of the previous three steps will result in a Pack Audit report. The Pack audit report clearly presents the cost savings for the customer.

Packaging Standardization
Nefab's optimized packaging standardization benefits customers by reducing the number of different types of packaging to create a uniform packaging product. This allows for a unified image, look and feel, which is easily transferrable to other locations and products in different markets, creating a packaging system with fewer packaging articles and higher flexibility in terms of packaging and loading.