Transport Packaging for the Telecom Segment

We had a chat with Mattias Steibert, Packaging Engineer at Nefab, discussing the changes and challenges within his area of expertise - the telecom segment. 

Mattias Steibert, Packaging Engineer at Nefab

First of all, give us a brief introduction to the segment.

"The telecom segment has changed dramatically in recent years. Telecom operators with mobile infrastructure, are experiencing a big change in their business model. Their traditional product portfolios are changing and getting smaller, lighter, and more powerful. They are now designed for installation in different types of environments compared to previous products. As you can tell, all of this has a big impact on what type of packaging the telecom operators need and what design elements are required. 

Going forward, the telecom segment is now more and more blended together with the data storage and cloud segment - meaning that we need to design packaging solutions for servers and data storage applications in addition to the traditional mobile infrastructure applications. So, there's a lot of changes going on in the industry."

What would you say are the most important requirements to consider when creating a packaging solution for the Telecom segment?

"There are a lot of requirements to fulfill when it comes to these types of packaging solutions, all the way from its cradle to its grave. To begin, we must ensure that we do not use any banned or restricted material in our solutions. We must use our customer's internal guidelines, as well as international legislation like EU packaging directives. 

Depending on the method of transportation - train, air, boat, or truck - the packaging design has many requirements and all must be considered. The transport environment of the packaging is also an important factor to consider. By transport environment I mean long-time shipments and storage, shocks from accidental drops, vibrations, and heavy force load compression to name a few.

If you want to know more, please e-mail me or visit me in Runemo, as it could take hours and hours to explain all of the important things going on behind the scenes at Nefab."

How do you develop solutions? 

"We have many tools, software, and superior competence in how to develop a solution exactly according to our customer's needs. From calculating the needed box strength for dynamic stacking during road transport, to the utilization of a container for a new solution, we possess the in-house competence. A close dialogue with our client is of great importance. A project where both parties share their knowledge is the one most likely to succeed - we know packaging and our client knows their product." 

What are the most important factors to consider when deciding upon a packaging solution?

"To make sure that we fulfill the high expectations place upon us, we test the solution. By simulating the transport environment according to our customer's test standard and transport flows, we can prove that our solution will work outside of our CAD software and calculation. Nefab loves testing!"

How does our solutions add value to our customers?

"The most obvious benefit is, of course, that their products arrive safe and in good condition. This to avoid time-consuming returns of products. In addition, we provide added value through "smart packaging" i.e., integrated assembly and installation instructions in the packaging - packaging that is specifically designed to make installation easier in specific end-customer environments."

Mattias Steibert, Packaging Engineer at Nefab