Is your wood treated for overseas shipping (IPPC, ISPM#15)?

Yes, Nefab boxes are heat treated and bug free, approved to ship worldwide.


What does ISPM15 (HT Stamp) mean?

In short, ISPM 15 is a global standard on wooden packaging products when used for export implemented by the IPPC.

The HT stamp, is a unique identification mark given to the manufacturing company and is stamped on the wooden packaging allowing border control to see very easily that the wood packaging is safe for export.

Wood products exempt from the ISPM 15 are wood panel products (i.e. OSB, hardboard, and plywood).


What are your packaging engineering capabilities?

We have an in-house packaging design department that handles everything from computer simulation software, 2D and 3D Designs, years of testing results, and access to Nefab’s global packaging development center’s 30,000+ designs!


What minimum order quantity (MOQ) exists for Nefab products?

For Plywood/Wood Products - In general, anything under 10 boxes we recommend you use our main distributor ULine. Due to the nature of our production process, quantities above 15 per shipment are where we really excel and can help reduce our customers’ costs!


For non-wood products – Most items have a minimum order quantity. For products being sold as part of a complete solution, no additional fee would be applied. For the purchase of small orders without the purchase of any wood products, a surcharge will be added.


Do you sell or distribute pallet collar hinges?

We supply and sell pallet collars. The hinge is part of the solution and requires special tooling to integrate… so to clarify, we sell pallet collars, but not hinges solely.


Can your plywood boxes be stacked?

Yes, all models of boxes offer stacking capabilities. This topic will come up during your discussion with your local sales responsible, as many options exist to aid in additional stacking requirements.


How much weight can your plywood crates hold?

The weight of goods held is dependent on the base configuration. Nefab designs custom pallets based on your requirements in terms of size and configuration.


As an example, we have designed pallets to hold up to 10,000 lbs.


How small/large can your boxes be made?

In general, 6 inches is the smallest box we can produce up to crates the size of a house!


Can your boxes be printed?

Yes! Regardless of whether you want it on 1 side, 2 sides, the ends, lid… we can do any combination!


What are your boxes made of?

Our boxes can be made in different materials; hardwood plywood and OSB are the most common. Thicknesses of wood vary per customer requirement.


What is OSB?

OSB stands for oriented strand board. OSB is made, basically, the exact same fashion as plywood. Instead of using large sheets of solid wood veneer, thousands of 3 and 4 inch long strands of solid wood are combined to make each sheet of OSB. Each strand of wood is completely coated with high performance resin glue.


How many times can your plywood packaging be re-used?

This is dependent on the closing system. In general, standard tongues can be re-used 2-5 times, Spring clip or detachable tongues 5-20 times, and returnable shipping containers 100+ times.


Do you have testing capabilities?

Nefab offers testing in different forms. Computer simulation testing can be done in house. ISTA testing can be fulfilled through our ISTA certified lab in China, or 3rd party testing should local physical testing be required.


Do your boxes meet Military specs?

This is dependent on which specification and the contract interpretation. Our boxes can meet and often exceed strength & durability tests in those specifications, but due to the specifications identifying ‘x’ amount of nails in the crates, our advanced nail-free crating system does not conform.


Can we buy the steel and make the boxes ourselves?

No, hinges and profiles are part of the production method and requires special tooling to integrate.


What types of payment do you accept?

Like most industrial companies, credit terms can be given based on pre-approval through Nefab’s credit application form/process. In general, credit terms can be given within a couple days from form receipt.

Credit cards (Visa/Mastercard) are also accepted.


What are your lead times?

We work on a flexible order system, however to quantify, two weeks is an average upon order placement. Your customer service representative will confirm your ship dates upon order placement and can work with you to potentially meet any earlier requirements.


Our stock box program offers 48 hour turnaround. For more information on this program, please visit the Stock Box Page.