KLM Case

Customer Case: KLM Engineering & Maintenance

"We were constantly facing three questions: What? How? Where?"

KLM Engineering & Maintenance is a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The headquarters is adjacent to KLM's home airport, Schiphol, in Amsterdam from where they serve the entire world. They are responsible for KLM's own fleet but they also offer other airlines their services. The maintenance is done on many different ways: in its own premises at Schiphol or at service stations around the world. This brings with it a variety of complex part flows. 

Current situation:

  • KLM has multiple hangars and more than 300 line stations worldwide. They provide a full range of maintenance services for customers in the area of airframes, engines, components and line maintenance.
  • They have several packaging suppliers, all delivering to multiple locations, with flows working both ways. This causes a lot of excess traffic and confusion.
  • KLM wants to reduce storage area requirements, standardize packaging, and simplify to one contact point in order to reduce the overall packaging costs.

Our solution:

  • Nefab implemented a "milk run" service, which consists of delivering returnable and expendable packaging once a week to all six of the MROs delivery points. We also collect returnable packaging from those same locations.
  • We implemented JIT deliveries, pool management services, and take care of the warehousing
  • Nefab also implemented a web interface that is a dedicated site to handle all packaging developments and suppliers within the flow.
  • Nefab acts as the central coordinator for all packaging needs for the MRO

Benefits for KLM:

An overall perspective is the key to success. Nefab's new setup for KLM improved the company's packaging operation in many areas - increasing efficiency, quality and competitiveness.

  • Single point of contact
  • Global service and supply
  • Reduced cost
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Reduced number of packaging items


"Our total inventory includes 25 000 different items to be delivered quickly, efficiently and in good condition. We estimate that we have reduced our total packaging costs by 20-30%." 
- says Jos De Kleine, Manager Logistic Development, KLM Engineering & Maintenance