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Packaging for Crank Shafts

ExPak S and VCI to prevent corrosion damage

The Customer Case:

Customer was experiencing problems with corrosion and damage to packaging that they received from some sub suppliers in Italy. 

Current Packaging: 

  • External protection such as wooden crates or low quality plywood crates
  • Internal protection included desiccants and VCI paper or bags (VCI is a substance that slows down a chemical reaction and prevents moisture from reaching the metallic surface).
  • The VCI protection used, however, held a much lower quality than what Nefab could offer through its global agreements.                           

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab came up with a combination of collapsible, nail-less plywood boxes (Nefab ExPak) and higher quality VCI bags. This proved to be an optimal solution that eliminated the corrosion problems the customer had encountered, and it proved to be the preferred solution for their suppliers.

Customer Benefits with Nefab Packaging:

  • Stronger packaging solution
  • Global competence & knowledge
  • Improved quality of packaging supplies
  • One source for all packaging products
  • Optimal & preferred solution by all involved
  • Saved an estimated value of $250,000 USD in less than 12 months due to the elimination of corrosion problems.
  • Reduced transportation cost, from sending bad components back to the OEMs and suppliers for rework.