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Heavy Duty Packaging

Extremely large engine requires protective heavy duty packaging

The Customer Case:

This customer is a division of one of the largest power generation companies in the world. They manufacture everything from small motors, to extremely large units such as this. They were building their own large crates in-house, but were having little success. Nefab was asked by the customer to help reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The Nefab Solution:

When your product weighs over 20,000 lbs it's not a question of which foam would better suit for cushioning! At this stage, it’s more about how to secure the product to avoid movement and to create a package that can be hoisted to avoid strain on the product itself.  Having specialized in Heavy Duty Packaging Applications for over 25 years Nefab's packaging designers developed a solution that was standardized but customizable for each unique motor.  The solutions are shipped completely collapsed to minimize transportation costs, and offers ease of assembly to minimize handling.

Customer Benefits from the Nefab Solution:

  • Total Cost Reduction of $250K USD
  • New and improved image
  • Increase in productivity: staff no longer waits for each crate to be built prior to production
  • Competitive pricing: Nefab is able to leverage high volume lumber purchasing to receive the highest quality wood at the most competitive price