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Packaging for Solar Panels

Nefab works with many of the large producers of Solar equipment and components.  With these customers, Nefab is responsible for developing the packaging design to ensure cost effectiveness, optimal design, and reduced environmental impact/waste. 

The Customer Case:

The customer manufactures the full range of equipment and accessories required for any photovoltaic system configuration, such as solar panels. These modules are made of high-efficiency cells capable to produce power with only 4-5% solar radiation. At the customers’ site, solar panels were packed in triple wall corrugated boxes. Each box contained 20 panels and numerous shelves were needed to store and stack filled boxes. The space utilization in the warehouse was not optimized and therefore Nefab was asked to suggest a new solution.

The Nefab Solution:

After performing a Pack-Audit, Nefab provided a Nefab ExPak with a special pallet to simplify loading from the short side. The customer found the solution interesting since better space utilization in the warehouse was obtained. It is now possible to stack eight boxes instead of three, making it possible to remove nearly all the racking in the warehouse. Furthermore, each box contains 29 solar panels, which is an increase of almost 50%.

Customer Benefits from the Nefab Solution:

  • A total cost reduction of more than 11% was achieved
  • Released valuable warehouse space by removing 90% of the racking
  • Elimination of damage
  • One supplier for the complete packaging solution