Customer Case

Customer Case

Packaging solution for tomography

The Customer Case:

A computer tomography scanner, or CT scanner, is a very valuable product that costs millions of dollars. A CT scanning device is extremely sensitive to shock and vibration and it is also difficult to manage, both when it comes to weight and size - it weighs two tonnes.

The Nefab Solution:

When this client turned to Nefab, they were facing a great challenge. Manufacturing had earlier been located in China, with distribution to hospitals around the world. A typical transport cycle consisted of road transport to the Chinese customs with loading for air or maritime transport on to the customs of the host country. On arrival the CT scanner would be sent to the customer's central warehouse by truck, for onward transport to the hospital that ordered it. Transshipment points were numerous, and the number of machines that arrived damaged was troublesome. Nefab therefore got a contract to develop a new packaging solution. 

"The total packaging cost was reduced by 55%. Also, the environmental objective was met by a wide margin as the customer's packaging carbon footprint was reduced by 30%."