Solutions for pumps

A customer within the pumps industry was using a packaging solution for their products that was both time-consuming and difficult to pack. Nefab's approach was to standardize and optimize the packaging process for the customer.

A customer that manufactured water pumps had four assembly plants producing different varieties of pumps and motors for the agriculture, industry, domestic, mining, and civil industry. When they turned to Nefab for help they were using a corrugated solution for their different pumps, as below:

  • If a pump weighed more than 100 kg they used a corrugated box with printing
  • If a pump weighed less than 100 kg they used local rubber wood without printing

With their current solution for pumps over 100 kg they were facing a time-consuming and difficult packaging process due to a high number of different packaging items and sizes. The main goal for Nefab was, therefore, to standardize and optimize the packaging process for the customer.

Our solution

In order to make the packaging process more efficient, Nefab proposed an ExPak S type solution - a box that is easy to handle and quick to assemble. The components that the customer were packing had weights between 100 kg to 250 kg, and in order to pack these, the customer was currently using more than 65 different boxes. When Nefab presented their ExPak solution, the number of different boxes needed had been reduced down to 8 standard size boxes which will cover the entire product range. 



Customer benefits

  • 33% time reduction in packing the product
  • Easily stackable and sturdy
  • Less inventory required.
  • Good aesthetics and printability on box (brand building)

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