Telecom Cabinet Packaging

Cabinets manufactured for radio and optics applications

The Customer Case:

Existing packaging was either wooden boxes, corrugated boxes, or a combination of both depending on the application.  The customer, a large, global telecommunications company, was shipping both completed and empty cabinets to various locations overseas.

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab formed a project team consisting of logistical representatives from the customer and technical engineers from Nefab.  The solution was the implementation of a lightweight, collapsible, nail-free ExPak plywood box and pallet along with ESD foil and foam dunnage.  The solution could also be used for the customer's racks.

Customer Benefits from the Nefab Solution:

  • Over 30% savings on global logistics cost for cabinets
  • Customization and optimization in product usage
  • Labor savings - time gained in the packaging process