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Why Nefab Crating & Packaging?

We've been in the crating business for over 75 years. Each Nefab manufacturing facility globally is set-up to offer the same crating solutions... thus making it possible for our customers to standardize their crating & packaging globally!

Benefits of our plywood crates include:

  • Perfect for everything from light to heavy, sensitive, and highly valuable products
  • Can be custom fitted for customer preferences (dimensions, handles, locks, etc)
  • Safe for builders, due to material’s low weight and lack of nails
  • Easy to store and stack, boxes delivered collapsed
  • Galvanized steel profiles ensure strength and durability Integrated locking facilitates packing and unpacking due to slot and tab system.  
  • Strong protection against difficult transports, long-term storage and climate changes
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Meets international phytosanitary regulations for export compliant wood packaging (ISPM 15) 
  • Reduces significant costs compared to alternative wooden crates
  • Well known in the industry, globally!  
Global References: ABB, Ericsson, KLM, SKF, Volvo, TRW, Alcatel, Huawei, Nokia, Siemens...

ExPak Nail-less Crates

ExPak Nail-less Crates

NEFAB ExPak is an exclusive line of nail-less, collapsible, export plywood boxes, ranging from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six-piece products. The material used in the ExPak is plywood and galvanized steel, which increases the strength and durability of our crates, and also creates a nail-free packaging solution resulting in a safer work environment for your laborers. 


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