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Specializing in domestic and foreign shipments, Nefab’s team of designers and engineers have the experience and the global knowledge to prepare products for safe shipping and timely arrival.  Our export packaging services teams meet exacting standards. We offer the global support our customers require along with the proper packaging solutions they deserve at the local level. 

Nefab is also the best equipped to handle season or cyclical production schedules. We can bring in skilled resources from any of our locations to meet your peak demands.

Many of Nefab’s customers have decided to outsource their entire packing and shipping operations to Nefab; allowing the customer to focus on their area of expertise while gaining the benefit of Nefab’s experience, purchasing power and flexible resources. Nefab establishes a full-time operation within the customers facility, creating packaging solutions and packing products as they are produced. Nefab manages the space, sources the raw materials and flexes the team as required to meet the needs of the customer.

ExPak Nail-less Crates

ExPak Nail-less Crates

NEFAB ExPak is an exclusive line of nail-less, collapsible, export plywood boxes, ranging from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six-piece products. The material used in the ExPak is plywood and galvanized steel, which increases the strength and durability of our crates, and also creates a nail-free packaging solution resulting in a safer work environment for your laborers. 


Wood Crates

Wood Crates

Nefab has unmatched experience in crating industrial products from small circuit boards to huge power generation equipment

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