Published 2014.04.03

Energy Pack Audit

Re-engineering projects targets 10 million USD savings.

Nefab Packaging has kicked-off a Pack Audit program together with one of their customers in the energy segment. The Pack Audit is part of Nefab’s consulting offer, which in turn is just one component of their total cost approach to packaging solutions.

This Pack Audit has a wide scope and targets the company's entire product range, as well as inbound and outbound flows. With this approach the aim is to reduce the customer's total cost by reengineering their existing packaging solutions. For this program the target is to reduce the total cost by 10 million USD. The program started in June 2012 with initial meetings (Pre Audits) at the customer's locations across Asia, Europe and Americas.

The purpose of the initial meetings was to define the current situation within packaging and logistics, and to estimate potential savings. After each meeting Nefab presented a report of identified potential areas for cost reduction. At this stage Nefab also proposed a project plan to perform a detailed analysis and reengineering of packaging solutions (Pack Audits) that would be required to reach the targeted cost reduction.

As of October 2012 Nefab had completed more than 40 Pre Audits and 6 Pack Audits in 15 countries across the globe. The potential savings at that point had already reached 6 million USD. With this consulting program Nefab offers their customers a complete analysis of the entire packaging situation, targeting the total overall cost as well as the environmental footprint. The deliverable is a complete picture of their packaging and logistics, including reengineered packaging concepts designed to optimize the supply chain.

As this program requires a significant investment in resources from Nefab, as well as the customer, it is targeted at large multi-national companies with a significant annual spend in packaging and logistics. The consulting program is ideally suited to companies in the Telecom, Energy, Aerospace, Mining & Drilling, Healthcare, and Vehicles industries.

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