Published 2014.04.03

ExPak XL

Our all-new Nefab ExPak XL (patent pending) is designed for volumes of up to 700 cubic feet.

Quick and easy to assemble or dismantle without a single nail involved, it enhances safety, creates a quieter working environment and offers effective packaging of extra-large products.

The packaging can be repeatedly dismantled and reassembled, which significantly reduces lead times compared to traditional wood-and-nail crates. The result is excellent product protection combined with greater control and cost-efficiency – one single solution for large products.

Three reasons to choose Nefab ExPak XL

1. The packaging is held together with clamps, which are mounted without tools in the pre-cut grooves. The clamps are made of flexible sprung steel, so they don’t pop off when the packaging is bumped or jolted. All that is needed for dismantling is a regular screwdriver - the clamp is designed to drop right into your hand.

2. The side panels are mounted using a profile that is pressed into their lower edge. The panels can be mounted horizontally onto the base profile or angled inwards up to 60°, reducing the need for a large space in which to pack goods.

3. Nefab ExPak XL is made of high-quality birch or pine plywood, 8–12 millimeters thick depending on the application. It is compact when collapsed for storage and takes up very little space. This packaging can be used with most types of pallets, making it very flexible and easy to handle. Nefab has tested the concept’s resistance to compression, vibrations, impacts and falls in its own packaging lab with impressive results.

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