Published 2017.02.13

Nefab Americas Receives International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) Certification

February 14, 2017, Dallas, Texas – Today, Nefab Americas proudly announces our test lab in Silicon Valley is ISTA certified. This certification serves as a proof of professionalism and emphasizes our neutrality.

ISTA is an internationally recognized body of organizations devoted to the creation, implementation, and evaluation of protective packaging. ISTA sets the standard for packaging guidelines and its regulations ensure products are shipped safely and effectively.

Testing customer packaging solutions with ISTA packaging standards is central to Nefab’s mission and vision. These standards improve our customers’ ROI by significantly reducing damage costs and incident claims. Our customers benefit from fewer issues with product loss, resulting in higher end-user satisfaction. When our clients partner with Nefab, they know that their products will be secured properly and in a timely fashion.

Whatever your packaging needs, we’re here to help you deliver your products quickly and securely. Seeing is believing so contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to improve your packaging solutions!

For more information, visit our Testing Capabilities Page