Published 2021.10.28

Nefab acquires Reflex Packaging Group

Nefab Group AB has acquired Reflex Packaging Group, the world’s leading company in sustainable thermoformed cushioning, to further strengthen their commitment to save resources in supply chains. Reflex Packaging will continue to operate as separate entities within the Nefab Group.

“The market demand for sustainable cushioning solutions in industrial packaging is increasing fast. Reflex Packaging’s state-of-the-art cushioning trays, made from 100% recycled and ocean bound plastic, combined with Nefab’s global presence, will make sustainable cushioning solutions available for the market worldwide,” says Staffan Pehrson, President and CEO of Nefab Group.

Reflex Packaging is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance thermoformed cushioning, with operations in Americas, Europe, and Asia. They specialize in designing and manufacturing solutions using recycled, and ocean bound plastic as the raw material source for their products.

We are excited and proud to be part of the Nefab Group. Their value proposition to reduce costs and environmental impact, on a global scale, is the ideal platform for expansion of Reflex Packaging's products,” says Forrest Smith, Founder of Reflex Packaging.

The Reflex Packaging acquisition, in addition to the earlier communicated European acquisition of Szkaliczki in 2020, positions Nefab to be the world’s leading company in sustainable thermoformed cushioning. Nefab will now be better equipped to address customer demands in high growth markets such as Electronics, Datacom, Telecom, and Lithium Batteries.

Our customers are demanding more cost efficient and sustainable supply chains, and the use of thermoformed cushioning enables significant savings – both in cost and CO2 emissions. As an example, compared to foam, Reflex Packaging’s cushioning typically has 50% lower CO2 output, better box shipping ratios, and saves up to 85% in shipping and warehouse space. We are excited to welcome over 200 employees from Reflex Packaging to Nefab, and to make their unique competence available to our customers worldwide!” Staffan Pehrson concludes.

With the acquisition of Reflex Packaging, the Nefab Group will have over 4000 employees spread across 35 countries, with a yearly turnover of nearly 7 BSEK.

For more information, please contact: Oscar Gestblom EVP People and Brand, Nefab AB

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About Nefab
Nefab saves environmental and financial resources by optimizing supply chains. We do this by innovating together with our customers to create smarter packaging and logistics solutions while always respecting people and high ethical standards. This contributes to a better tomorrow for our customers, for society and for the environment.
With more than 70 years of experience combined with competence and presence in more than 30 countries, we offer global solutions and local service worldwide to companies in industries such as Telecom, Datacom, Energy, Vehicles, Healthcare, Aerospace, and Lithium Batteries. With the acquisition of Reflex Packaging, the Nefab Group will have over 4000 employees spread across 35 countries, with a yearly turnover of nearly 7 BSEK. The owners are the Nordgren/Pihl family and FAM AB.

About Reflex Packaging
Founded in Northern California in 1999, Reflex Packaging started with the revolutionary idea to provide a replacement for traditional packaging that could outperform foam while using 100% recycled plastic. A couple forward-thinking companies took a chance on us and we came through for them. Reflex® Cushions are now designed and manufactured at 16 global productions sites supporting the global footprint of customers worldwide. In addition to our signature product and the cornerstone of our business, Reflex® Cushions, we can design and supply everything required for your company’s packaging needs including pallets, foam, bags, corrugated, etc.