Published 2011.09.13

PDS Acquisition

Nefab Group, the global partner for complete packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of PDS Global Packaging Services, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.

The acquisition is part of Nefab’s global growth strategy and will enhance the service offering to existing and new customers. PDS Global, with operations in Guadalajara, Mexico and over 70 employees, offers a full range of packaging solutions to include custom corrugated and foam, wood crates, export packaging, logistics and innovative design and engineering services.

"The acquisition of PDS Global Packaging Services is a direct result of our partnership, since on of our major customers plans to increase its activities in the region." stefan ekqvist, ceo of nefab group

PDS is known for its professionalism and commitment to exceeding customer expectations for service, quality and value.

"Time to market, supply chain risk, lower "landed cost" and currency exchange rates are all factors that create new windows of opportunity for competitive manufacturing in Mexico. Expanding our platform in Mexico will serve our global customers' regionalization strategy and the trend of reordering production value chains to better serve the Americas markets."

brian bulatao, regional manager nefab americas