Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Nefab can offer a complete ESD control program including products for the EPA (Electrostatic Protective Area), grounding products and testing equipment.

What is Electrostatic Discharge?

Electro Static Discharge (ESD), is a serious issue that must be considered for the electronics industry. ESD is the sudden flow of electricity caused by two electrically charged objects coming in contact with each other. Static electricity is a very common example of ESD.
ESD is discreet and invisible and can cause damage or operational disturbance in electrical components, especially solid state components like integrated circuits. Many electrical components, including computer chips, electronic assemblies and circuit boards, can be damaged beyond repair by electrical discharges.
Manufacturers of electronic components and assemblers of electronic systems must control static discharges in their processes through the use of an effective ESD program. If they fail to take the necessary measures to control static electricity many of the components or systems they produce will fail to work or will suffer a reduced operating life.
We can work closely with you to develop the appropriate packaging solution in order to limit the harmful effects of ESD on valuable and sensitive products.

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