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Corrosion Protection

Nefab offers a wide range of products that protect against corrosion. Corrosion protection is vital for products transported under tough conditions with significant humidity and temperature changes. To control the moisture efficiently and to prevent products from corroding, desiccants must be used together with an adapted barrier material to stop moisture from getting in.

Nefab VCI Film and Bags

VCI Film and Bags

Nefab offers VCI bags and  film in a variey of different sizes that offer total corrosion control for muliple metals.

Nefab VCI Foam Emitters

VCI Emitters

There are various emtting systems to protect products within a closed environment, such as cups, foam pads, tablets and pouches.

Nefab Foil Packaging

Barrier materials

We offer various combinations of foil barrier materials and film for products requiring moisture protection. This includes everything from films, small bags to large super heavy duty barrier bags.

Nefab Desiccants


We carry Class 100 Clean Room desiccants ranging from 1/6 unit to 16 units