ExPak Plywood Boxes - Collapsible Export Packaging

Nefab ExPak is an exclusive line of nail-less, collapsible, export plywood boxes, ranging from small, one-piece solutions to large, collapsible, six-piece products. The material used in the ExPak is plywood and galvanized steel, which increases the strength and durability of our crates, and also creates a nail-free packaging solution resulting in a safer work environment for your employees.

ExPak Video

The ExPak Advantage:

  • Nefab ExPak (plywood boxes) is an engineered product so its performance is more measurable than standard lumber. 
  • ExPak boxes are completely customizable from the dimensions to the pallet, printing, handles, locking mechanisms, and more.
  • Our designers work with you to develop the ideal packaging solution to meet all your industrial packaging needs. Designed to transport products of all kinds, NEFAB ExPak provides maximum protection, even under the most demanding conditions. 
  • It is a modern packaging system, tested and approved according to several international standards, including ISPM No. 15. ExPak nail-less, collapsible export plywwod boxes are the ideal industrial packaging solution for heavy, sensitive, and high-value goods.