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ATM Packaging

The Customer Case:

The customer provides integrated self-service delivery systems and services such as physical and electronic security systems, electronic voting technologies, and Automatic Teller Machines (ATM). 

Due to the high value of the product and the long shipping distances, the packaging solution needed to offer corrosion protection and shock absorption. It also needed to be environmentally friendly and easy to handle. 


The Nefab Solution:

An ExPak S solution was developed with polyethylene foam and rubber spacers for shock absorption to protect the machine. A heat-sealed vapor barrier bag with desiccant was used to control moisture, and a shock indicator was added to the outside of the box to signal any significant shocks. Prior to implementation, a sample was tested, and subsequently approved by the customer. 


Customer Benefits:

  • Elimination of previous corrosion issues
  • Improved shock protection
  • Reduction in handling time
  • 9% reduction in logistics costs

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