Solutions for Batteries

The Customer Case:

A customer that produces batteries primarily for the datacom industry was shipping to Europe in corrugated on a wood pallet. Each box held 4 batteries that weighed 500 pounds in total. The corrugated solution was not strong enough to allow for the batteries to be stacked very high in the warehouse. It also did not allow the box to be opened for servicing the batteries once it arrived at the staging point in Europe before being shipped out to customers worldwide. The batteries were also getting damaged during transport so Nefab was asked to develop a solution.


The Nefab Solution:

An ExPak P solution with runners was developed which allows for stacking 4 high in the ocean container and 12 high in their warehouse. The batteries are seperated in the box by corrugated dividers. The ExPak allows the customer to open and re-close the boxes for servicing the batteries.  


Customer Benefits:

  • Optimized ocean container which reduced freight costs
  • Reduced warehouse space needed for storing finished goods
  • Eliminated damage of the batteries
  • Reduced handling time for servicing the batteries 
  • Reduced packing time at the customer's pack line

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