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Food Service Packaging

The Customer Case:

This customer is a manufacturer of commerical food service supplies. From their plant in the US, they manufacture everything from Teflon coated pans to pizza ovens. Although the company uses quite a bit of corrugated for their smaller items, most of their larger items like their pizza ovens, were packaged in wirebound containers which were subject to damage and product theft, and the source of supply was dwindling. The company also needed a feature which would allow them to easily open and re-close their boxes. One particular pizza oven model is mostly assembled at their US location, then shipped to another plant where the box is opened at the front, so the finishing operations could be performed. 


The Nefab Solution:

Nefab proposed an ExPak S Hybrid made from 1/4'" (6mm) plywood for their pizza ovens. Nefab's engineering team redesigned the pallet and panels by making special sizing modifications. Everything fit together perfectly, and solved the customer's issue. The company has now switched to ExPak for all of their pizza oven packaging needs. 

Customer Benefits:

  • Damages have been eliminated
  • Ergonomics have been improved - the boxes are "user-friendly"
  • Shipping costs have been reduced by 33% as the small ID to OD ratio allows them to stack four units high in a sea container

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