Oxygen Generator Packaging

The Customer Case:

An aerospace company was looking to develop a certified box for the transportation of an oxygen generator. The customer wanted to be able to send one oxygen generator at a time, whereas the existing packaging on the market was designed for more than one generator. The box had to be fireproof, suitable for all types of oxygen generators, and UN certified.

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab was chosen as their packaging supplier due to our expertise in dangerous goods packaging and our ability to deliver a complete, UN certified solution. Nefab's design team developed a flame-retardant ExPak P with inner packaging made of rock-based mineral fiber insulation. The packaging solution was tested and UN certified. 

Customer Benefits:

  • One supplier for the complete package
  • A reduction in total cost
  • The ability to transport one oxygen generator at a time
  • UN certified packaging 

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