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Packaging for Spare Parts Distribution

The Customer Case:

A distribution center for a large global customer in the wind energy industry was using cleated crates made from OSB (Oriented Strand Board). They were looking to improve the quality of the packaging, and therefore their image to their customers. The customer was also looking to reduce their freight costs . They approached Nefab about the ExPak crates. 

The Nefab Solution:

Nefab reviewed the sizes and weight of the product, along with the sizes and quantities of cleated crates they had used over a six month period. Using our size optimization software "Optico," we determined the customer could move their entire product line into 16 standard sizes of ExPak with the customer's logo printed on all four sides. Nefab also implemented a VMI (Vender Managed Inventory) program so the customer never had to worry about whether they had enough crates on hand for what needed to be shipped out. 

Customer Benefits:

  • Significantly improved image to their customers
  • Reduced freight costs due to lower weight and volume of ExPak versus cleated crates
  • Reduced administration costs as Nefab took over inventory management of their packaging 
  • Standardized and optimized packaging
  • Simplified packing process

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