ExPak Closing Systems

There are various options available for closing the Nefab ExPak. Nefab can recommend the best closing system based on how the boxes are used in your supply chain.

Standard Tongue

The standard tongue is the most commonly used and is pressed into the plywood by Nefab. During box assembly, it locks into the slot and is then bent over. 

Detachable Tongue

The detachable tongue is used when the box needs to be opened during transport. It is supplied loose and is mounted through a steel catchplate and slot in the profile, and is then bent over. 

Plastic Clip

The Plastic Clip can be used several times and is easy to assemble and remove without any tools.  It is supplied loose and hooks into the slot in the steel profile then snaps into a hole in the plywood to lock in place.

Spring Clip

The spring clip can be used when the packaging needs to be opened and closed several times. It is supplied loose, is hooked into the steel slot, then mounted into the catchplate and snapped in place.